Why Choose Elwood Recruitment

Why Elwood Recruitment

As a customer of Elwood Recruitment you can rest assured that providing a compliant, quality service is at the forefront of everything we do as well as offering full transparency to all of our clients. 
Elwood Recruitment recognise the value in associated technology and has invested in a robust CRM system alongside a candidate app (Auriga) We also have an internal compliance team and are corporate members of the REC. Our aim is to adopt a true partnership approach protecting our customers brands at all times.

Elwood Recruitment have the infrastructure coupled with the right people to enable us to offer a range of bespoke recruitment solutions to support your business operations. 

How are Elwood clients currently benefiting from our services?

The benefits of using Elwood Recruitment:

  • Saves time (and time=£££!)
  • Professional onboarding service providing security through comprehensive right to work and compliance checks
  • Agility through an ad-hoc supply of a compliant temporary workforce
  • Confidence to meet peaks and unexpected demands
  • Shopwindow to a potential permanent placement
  • 24/7 support and response
  • In-house training facilities designed to acommodate pre-screening and remote inductions
  • The ability to operate with, or as an extension to, your current recruitment resource operation
  • Removes the hassle of screening multiple CV’s to find the right fit
  • Logistical an resource facility support 
  • Outsourcing and on-site partnering

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