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So pleased for Aminah, a kinder lady you could not wish to meet. I have been using Aminah to cover shifts for 2 ladies at one of our services.  

This was meant to be relatively short-term as the service - those we support there have been approved for transition to new providers but, due to delays in this process, we have now had to continue to provide services even after some of our permanent staff had already moved to their new localities.  


We had no problem in quickly deciding to put Aminah into the rotation in order to cover the vacant shifts and she has quickly become confident and familiar with people we support. They too, have both have responded very positively to the support she provides, and they both look forward to seeing her. She has been reliable, compassionate, and effective. Based on the work that Aminah has carried out, the quality of her record keeping, and her gentle and compassionate approach make her an excellent addition to our team.Kindest regards,JP Assistant Locality Manager - London area

I just wanted to let you know that Claudine who came to us yesterday is a really good Support Worker, I was very impressed.

She communicated well with staff and children. Encouraged and prompted the child she was supporting to take part in activities. When the child became anxious and had a slight meltdown, she handled it really well. We would definitely welcome her back with open arms.EK CYP Coordinator - West Midlands area

Hi, We've had some lovely feedback this evening from a social worker about Gabrielle. They stated how obvious it is that he is a child she works with often, he relies on her, trust her and have a bond with her. He was clearly indicating he wanted her when he needed something, be it an item or emotional regulation. It's great that she's put that effort in with this little guy and it's nice to get that feedback from a social worker. It shows that you don't need to be a core staff member to make a difference.Gabrielle is proving she's more than just 'cover'. She's committed, caring and a huge part of the children's lives when she's here.
TO Deputy Manager- West Midlands area