Industrial Services

Industrial Services

Elwood Recruitment is a straight forward temporary labour recruitment agency, operating in three main sectors, industrial, construction and driving.

Complimenting both your visions and values, cascading a shared ethos through real partnership and effective collaboration

About Our Services

We like to think we do what we say we will do, we pay when we say we will pay, we supply what we promise to supply, we answer the phone and we get back to people.


Whilst we know these things are just so very basic, we also know in our field, these very qualities are not as common as people expect. So just by doing the basics well, we stand out.


Formed just in 2018, Elwood Recruitment has grown well to have a team of 10 in house people, some working on clients sites, but most operate out of our office in Wolverhampton, where we handle some very large accounts which will have 40 – 80 workers out a day on location. We know we will have calls outside of usual working hours, and have immediate requests for extra people. We like to think we handle these requests well.

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